"List of Books Mentioned in Lectures (With Thanks to Eliza Bushn)"


Backgrounds of Early Christianity – Everett Ferguson

The Religious Context of Early Christianity – Hans-Josef Klauck

Jesus in the Memory of the Early Church - Nils Dahl

Books and Readers in the Early Church  - Harry Gamble

The Faith of Jesus Christ -  Richard Hays

Antiquities of the Jews – Josephus

The Secretary in the Letters of Paul – E. Randolph Richards

Paul: The Apostle of Jesus Christ – F. C. Baur

Commentary on Thessalonians – Abraham J. Malherbe

From Symposium to Eucharist -  Dennis Smith

Paul and the Rhetoric of Reconciliation – Margaret Mitchell

Paul’s Early Period – Rainer Riesner

Letters to Paul’s Delegates – Luke Timothy Johnson

Who Chose the Gospels? – Charles Hill