Handouts for previous years

Early Resources


Jim Martin, 2 Corinthians
Jim Reynolds, Old Testament Story
Rubel Shelly, Sermon on the Mount
Paul Watson, Ezekiel

Stan Reid, 1 Peter
Harold Shank, Exodus 32-34
Tim Willis, Jeremiah 1-7
Ben Witherington, Revelation

Rick Marrs, Genesis 12-50
Jeff Peterson, Galatians
Dwight Robarts, Hebrews

Bruce McLarty, Philippians and Philemon
Curt Niccum, Mark
Tom Olbricht, Jeremiah: Confessions
Glenn Pemberton, Call Narratives

Tony Ash, Luke
Gary Holloway, Spiritual Life of a Minister
Rick Marrs, Ecclesiastes
Mark Shipp, Psalms 51
James Thompson, 1 Thessalonians
Paul Watson, Old Testament Stories

Rodney Ashlock, 1-2 Kings
Carl Holladay, Acts: Church and Culture
Jim Roberts, Isaiah

Randy Harris, Why Preaching Doctrine Matters
Allan McNicol, Revelation 19:1-10 Exegesis
Curt Niccum, Ephesians
Glenn Pemberton, Leviticus
Jeff Peterson and Stan Reid, Discussion: Mark 1:1-8 Exegesis
Stan Reid, Sermon Preparation

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