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2019 Resources

Directory of 2019 Sermon Seminar Attendees

NOTE:  Audio files will be added in about 8 weeks

    1. Harold Shank – Preaching from Deuteronomy
      a)  Handout
      b)  PowerPoint Slides
                Session 1
                Session 2
                Session 3
      Allen Black – Preaching from Luke
      a) Handout
      Mark Hamilton – Preaching from the Decalogue
      a) Handout
      b) PowerPoint Slides
      Jim Reynolds – Preaching from Colossians
      a) Handout
      Allan McNicol – From Text to Sermon – Acts 2:14-36 (37-47)
      a) Text to Sermon instructions
      b) Readings:
      Donald Juel, Luke-Acts: The Promise of History, pp. 57-63
      Carl Holladay, Acts: A Commentary in the NTL series, pp. 98-109
    2.  Adult Bible Study Curriculum – “Ten Words of Wonder: The Ten Commandments for Today’s Christians written by Mark Hamilton and provided by Sunset Ridge Church of Christ.

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