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Campus Carry Statement

Austin Graduate School of Theology (Austin Grad) desires to have a safe and secure campus for students, faculty, staff, and guests. The 84th Texas legislature passed what is popularly known as campus carry. Governor Abbott signed it into law on June 13, 2015. The law requires public universities to allow concealed handgun license holders to carry their concealed weapons on public university campuses, subject to certain exceptions. However, private colleges and universities were given the right to opt out of that requirement. The statute also requires all schools to conduct a period of consultation with faculty, staff, and students.

Students, faculty, staff, and the board of trustees at Austin Grad were consulted regarding their thoughts and preferences on this matter. Campus carry has been a controversial topic. Although strong opinions on both sides of the issue were voiced during the consultation process, the administration appreciates the moderation with which those opinions were offered. After the board of trustees meeting on April 15, Austin Grad completed its period of considering whether campus carry should be permitted on its campus.

After reviewing all of the comments and relevant concerns, the administration concluded that Austin Grad should opt out of campus carry. This decision is consistent with its current practice of prohibiting individuals from carrying any type of weapon on campus—a policy that has served the school well in the past and should do so in the future. This policy does not prohibit individuals from storing their properly licensed handguns in locked vehicles in the Austin Grad parking lot.
Having a safe and secure campus environment is important to Austin Grad. All of us have a stake in this. Therefore, students, faculty, staff, and guests are encouraged to practice due diligence.

I appreciate the effort of everyone to live within and fulfill Austin Grad’s mission “to promote knowledge, understanding, and practice of the Christian faith as taught in the Scriptures.”

Grace,Stanley G. Reid, President


Campus Phone: (512) 476-2772
Campus Fax: (512) 476-3919
Campus Email: AGST@AustinGrad.edu

Faculty and Staff: Title: Email: Ext:
Dave Arthur Senior Vice President and Director of Financial Aid DArthur@AustinGrad.edu 105
Stephanie Byers Bookstore Manager and Library Assistant SByers@AustinGrad.edu 139
Jim Fly Vice President of Enrollment Services and Development JFly@AustinGrad.edu 117
Carolyn Greene Administrative Assistant CGreene@AustinGrad.edu 101
M. Todd Hall Assistant Professor of Theological Research, Director of the David Worley Library, and Bachelor of Arts Program Coordinator and Student Advisor THall@AustinGrad.edu 144
Renée Kennell Assistant for Development and Webmaster RKennell@AustinGrad.edu 115
Stephen D. Lawson Assistant Professor of Theology and Dean of Students Lawson@AustinGrad.edu 209
Lindi Parshall Registrar and Director of Admissions LParshall@AustinGrad.edu 103
Jeffrey Peterson Jack C. and Ruth Wright Professor of New Testament and Faculty Chair Peterson@AustinGrad.edu 207
Stanley G. Reid President Reid@AustinGrad.edu 115
R. Mark Shipp Pat E. Harrell Professor of Old Testament  Shipp@AustinGrad.edu 201
Keith Stanglin Professor of Scripture and Historical Theology, Master of Arts Program Coordinator and Student Advisor Stanglin@AustinGrad.edu 211
Elizabeth H. Stanley Director of Enrollment Services EStanley@AustinGrad.edu 107
Department: Email:
Alumni Coordinator Alumni@AustinGrad.edu
Bookstore Bookstore@AustinGrad.edu
Campus Safety Coordinator Admin@AustinGrad.edu
Christian Studies Press ChristianStudiesPress@AustinGrad.edu
Disability Services Admin@AustinGrad.edu
Events & Activities Events@AustinGrad.edu
Library Services Library@AustinGrad.edu
Maintenance Admin@AustinGrad.edu
Marketing & Public Relations AGST@AustinGrad.edu
Office of Admissions Admissions@AustinGrad.edu
Office of Financial Aid FinAid@AustinGrad.edu
Office of the President President@AustinGrad.edu
Office of the Registrar Registrar@AustinGrad.edu
Enrollment Services Info@AustinGrad.edu
Sermon Seminar SermonSeminar@AustinGrad.edu
Student Accounts StudentAccounts@AustinGrad.edu
Title IX Coordinator TitleIX@AustinGrad.edu

Organizational Chart


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Disability Accommodation

At Austin Grad, we realize that God has brought you to us for a special season of growth and preparation, and we are here to serve you during this time. With this understanding, this seminary complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, regarding students with disabilities.

After acceptance and prior to entering classes, a student with a disability must submit written request for accommodation to the designated Section 504 coordinator: Dave Arthur at DArthur@AustinGrad.edu, 512-476-2772. The written request should include documentation from the student’s treating health care provider verifying their eligibility under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, stating their need for the accommodation, and proposing the appropriate accommodation(s) that will address the student’s needs. Austin Grad reserves the right to request additional documentation if the initial documentation is incomplete, inadequate, or out-of-date, thereby making the student’s needs difficult to determine.

Austin Grad handles accommodation requests on a case-by-case basis. When appropriate, the seminary will develop accommodations in consultation with the faculty member for whose course the accommodations are sought. Austin Grad will not modify existing programs to the extent that it would result in a substantial change in the school’s curriculum and academic standards or would place an undue financial or administrative burden on the school.

Austin Grad Grievance Procedures should be utilized to address complaints of disability discrimination, retaliation, harassment, or failure to provide reasonable accommodation.

Staff Employment Policy

Austin Graduate School of Theology

Procedures for Selection and Appointment of Staff

Position Availability:

When a staff position becomes open, whether vacant or new, the President and Vice President will confer to determine the nature and availability of the position.

Determining Candidates:

Once the nature and availability of a position is established, the President and Vice President will pool a list of possible candidates to fill the position and, if necessary, post the opening at area churches. Possible candidates are then presented to the faculty in order to narrow the list. The candidates are then contacted by the Vice President to set up interviews.


Interviews are conducted by the President and Vice President. A job description and salary, as determined by the President and Vice President, are presented to the candidates.

Approval & Appointment:

The President and Vice President (and the department head if applicable) decide upon a candidate to contact for hire. In the period of approval, references may be contacted in order to receive further information on the potential employee. Following the reference check, the candidate is contacted and offered the available position. The job remains open until the position is filled or deemed unnecessary for the sake of the institution.

Employee Evaluation:

All School employees are evaluated approximately every twelve to fifteen months [see note below], including those in part-time and student work-study positions. The type of assessment used may vary commensurate with the expectations of a position.

Title IX/Campus Safety Policies/Statistics:

The School’s Annual Security Report (ASR) is posted on Austin Grad’s website under ‘Policies & Information’ page under the ‘Austin Grad’ tab. The ASR provides Title IX and Campus Safety Policies, Statistics, and contact information.


Note: The position of President is evaluated regularly by the School’s Board of Trustees. This frequency is at the
Board’s discretion.

Annual Security Report


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Non-Discrimination Policy

Austin Grad does not discriminate in the administration of its educational or admissions policies, in the award of financial aid through scholarships, grants, work-study or loan programs, or in any other school program. In accordance with federal law, and in the conviction that all people are created in the image of God, Austin Grad admits men and women of all racial, national, and ethnic backgrounds to the rights, privileges, programs, and activities accorded and available to all students.

For questions concerning policies relating to Title IX, contact the following:

Dave Arthur, Title IX Coordinator
Austin Graduate School of Theology
7640 Guadalupe St. | Austin TX 78752-1333
Main: (512) 476-2772 | Email: TitleIX@AustinGrad.edu | Fax: (512) 476-3919

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