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The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (M.A.C.M.) at Austin Grad equips you with the essential tools necessary for both specialized and general ministry in the congregational setting. Equally important, you are challenged to develop an awareness of and the skills needed for encountering contemporary culture through a theological lens.

In your study, you will be exposed to a broad range of subjects including Bible, Theology, Church History, and Ministry, taught by highly-credentialed professors and experienced ministers possessing degrees from institutions like Yale, Princeton, and Calvin Theological Seminary [click here to view the faculty].

Your coursework will provide you with a foundation in biblical and theological studies, practical guidance in preparation for real-life ministry, and formation for a faithful life of service in the Kingdom of God.


The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (M.A.C.M.) provides a foundation in biblical and theological studies essential to the responsible practice of Christian ministry. This degree is especially appropriate for persons seeking a specialized ministry in the congregational setting and for those wishing to enhance the effectiveness of their volunteer or lay ministries.

How long will the degree take you to complete?

The M.A.C.M. consists of 39 semester hours of graduate-level coursework, distributed among biblical studies, history and theology, and ministry. If pursued full-time, this degree is designed to be completed in two years.

Many of our students, however, choose to attend part-time while they pursue both the degree and a career. Austin Grad offers a flexible schedule with evening course offerings to meet your needs; however, part-time students may take as many as five years for completion.

What can you do with your degree?

Graduates of the master’s program go on to pursue successful and faithful careers as preachers, teachers, missionaries, college and university professors, employees in non-profit organizations, leaders in secular industry, and more.

Interesting Classes You Might Take
  • Reading the New Testament/Old Testament
  • Biblical Exegesis for Teaching and Preaching
  • Christianity in America
  • Traditions in Theology and Ethics
  • From Text to Sermon

See the section on Course of Study for a full listing of courses.

For more information on the Master of Arts in Christian Ministry, please contact our Recruitment, Enrollment, and Marketing Department.

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Student Outcomes

  1. The student will interpret passages of the Old and New Testaments in light of their literary, historical, and theological contexts.
  2. The student will articulate the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith reflecting knowledge of major theological traditions (e.g., Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, Reformed, Methodist, Baptist, Restoration).
  3. The student will demonstrate a readiness to serve as a minister or lay teacher informed by a biblical and theological understanding of ministry.
  4. The student will prepare papers, sermons, classes, and other assignments employing research tools such as bibliographic indices and databases in biblical and theological studies (ATLA Religion Index, NT/OT Abstracts, etc.).

Course of Study

The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry requires the following 15 semester hours of undergraduate-level background coursework, or their equivalent:

Background Courses (15 hours)
GRK 3351-3352 New Testament Greek (6 hours)
CH 3312 The Church’s History: To the Reformation
CS 3350 Research and Writing in Theology
NT 4313 Interpreting the Bible
Biblical Studies (12 hours)
OT 6301 Reading the Old Testament
NT 6301 Reading the New Testament
6 hours Exegetically intensive text electives – one in each testament
Church History and Theology (12 hours) (P) indicates prerequisites.  See course description for details.
CH 6305 The Church’s History: Reformation and Modern
CH/TH 6307 Christian Theological Traditions (P)
TH 6301 Introduction to Theology (P)
3 hours Elective selected from the Church History and Theology Division
Christian Ministry (9 hours)
MIN 6301 Introduction to Christian Ministry
MIN 6302/6307 The Ministry of Preaching (P)
3 hours Elective selected from the Ministry Division
6 hours Selected from any Division
Residency Requirements

A minimum of 24 hours of graduate-level coursework must be completed in residence at Austin Grad for students in the M.A.C.M degree program.

Credit Transfer Policy

Austin Grad accepts transfer hours from regionally accredited institutions. No transfer credit under the grade of B will be accepted.

Additional Requirement

In order to complete your program of study, you must successfully complete the Master of Arts Final Exit Assessment in your final semester prior to graduation.

(click here for the M.A. Final Exit Assessment Study Guide).

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