College Credit in High School!


Austin Grad offers college courses online or on campus for juniors and seniors in high school or homeschool who are at least 15 years old. Get a jump start on your college education at a fully accredited college, learning in a Christian environment, while being taught by highly-qualified professors!

With the Austin Graduate School of Theology College Credit in High School Program, eligible students can earn college credits at a greatly reduced price. Your earned college credits can later be applied towards a future degree at Austin Grad or you may transfer your credits to any of the 3,000 plus colleges and universities across the country or abroad.

Austin Grad is an accredited institution (see AGST Accreditation) that maintains a high standard of academic rigor in an environment that nurtures you towards achieving your full potential.

The courses offered to students like you include “Paul and His Letters,” “The Story of Israel,” “Research and Writing in Theology” and many more. These classes have been chosen based on their relevance to Christian life and are presented at an educational level which will both engage and challenge you as a superior high school student.


Tuition for the College Credit in High School Program is $85 per semester hour plus fees. Total Tuition and fees are $430 for an on-campus course and $655 for an online course.  Textbooks are extra.

Available Courses

Online Courses
In fall 2020, High School/Homeschool students may enroll in these two online courses:

Start Date End Date Course No. Course Name  Instructor
08.24.20 12.11.20 OT3310.120 The Story of Israel Shipp
08.24.20 12.11.20 HUMA2301.120 Western Tradition I Lawson

On-Campus Courses – August 24 to December 11, 2020
In fall 2020, High School/Homeschool students may enroll in these two on-campus courses:

Day Time  Course No.  Course Name  Instructor
M 7:00 pm-9:40 pm NT3320 Jesus & the Gospels Peterson
T 4:00 pm-6:40 pm OT3310 The Story of Israel Shipp


Send any questions you might have to or call us at (512) 476-2772.


Students may register for up to two college courses per semester; however, Austin Grad reserves the right to limit the number of high school/homeschool students in any given course.

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