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The Gospel According to the Stump


Isaiah is called to prophesy to Judah concerning their sin and God’s impending judgment. However, whenever judgment is preached, grace must also be a part of the message, and it’s in this text where Isaiah  reminds the nation that God will reinforce and re-establish his promise of a Davidic dynasty in the person of the coming Messiah. The Gospel or the “good news” concerning the coming Messiah would come through a stump. Read on to watch the video remarks and dig deeper.

Scripture Text: Isaiah 11:1

“There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse,

and a branch from his roots shall bear fruit.” 

WATCH the video here:

The Gospel according to the stump of Jesse reminds us that the size of a tree is not always measured by its height in that: 

1. Many times we are more concerned with what’s lost and not with what’s left.

God can do more with what is left than he can with what’s lost.

Judah reached the height of her glory in the former years only to be cut down by her enemies due to disobedience to God’s covenant.   

2. God will recreate his purpose of renewal. 

This branch, although small at the beginning, will grow and produce fruit that is pleasing to God. This branch would be obedient to God’s redemptive plan.

This branch would work out God’s plan of redemption in space and in time. This branch will bring God’s renewal in the person and the work of Jesus Christ.

My word to you is that God does more with what’s left than he does with what’s lost, and stumps are evidence that God can restore us even when it seems that there’s little to work with.

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