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New Summer Course – Don’t Miss Out!


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You won’t want to miss this exciting new course

with Dr. Jim Reynolds!

Pastoring in an Age of Spiritual Anarchy

July 16-20, 23-27, 6pm-9:40pm


The spiritual anarchy of the current culture has now become pervasive in the church. Pastors and shepherds must be equipped to properly address the challenges that this influx brings with it. This anarchy manifests in a myriad of ways, often posing as “Consumer Christianity” where the consumer is, of course, always right; or it might also be masquerading as a form of spiritual narcissism, which insists on leaving to look for a church that meets its own needs. It has even been fronting itself as subjective authenticity, which demands that one must be true to one’s own feelings.

The entire authority structure established on this earth by Jesus is often casually and summarily ignored within the church due to this cultural shift. As part of the answer to this societal influence in the church, this course will begin with a careful study of spiritual authority – the authority of Jesus, his church, his shepherds, and the scripture. We will then look closely at who shepherds are and their roles and service in the church. Additionally, we will discuss shepherding within the church’s discipleship mission, contrasting and comparing it with recent pastoral counseling practices and psychotherapy.

Join us for this timely and insightful course!

Registration begins today!


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