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Austin Grad’s Alumni: who they are, in their words


This past spring, we surveyed alumni of Austin Grad in an effort to assist in the re-accrediation process, which comes every 10 years with a five-year renewal. Plus, we were curious about what alumni were doing now.

The findings shared in this article come from alumni who the school had email addresses for that took the time to submit the online survey. Through their online responses, they share:

  • their current state of residence
  • the degree(s) they acquired from Austin Grad/Institute for Christian Studies
  • their gender
  • the kind of role they’ve worked in since graduation
  • how well Austin Grad prepared them for ministry and further studies
  • what aspect of education at Austin Grad/ICS has been the most helpful or influential 
  • if they have already or would recommend Austin Grad
  • their interest personally or know others who would be interested in additional programs (i.e.: M.Div) through Austin Grad

Regarding state of residence, 81% of those who completed an online survey live in Texas. Other states where alumni reside include: Oregon, Indiana, South Carolina, Alaska, Arizona, Kentucky, Alabama, California, Florida, Idaho, North Carolina, Ohio, Arkansas, and one in the country of Russia. 

Austin Grad/ICS alumni acquired the following degrees: B.S., B.A., and M.A. Remember some alumni do multiple degrees at Austin Grad.

Regarding gender, 85% of those who completed the online alumni survey were male and 15% were females. Remember, this is just the of alumni who completed the digital survey.

What’s especially encouraging is the number of alumni who went into ministry and further academic study.

A whopping 67% surveyed online have worked in “full-time” or part-time ministry.  And, 59% of surveyed alumni expressed that they have served in volunteer or personal ministry with 48% going onto further academic study. Many have done several or all of these areas.

What kind of jobs have alumni held?

Below is
 a list of roles alumni have served in with many being mentioned numerous times:

  • Bible Teacher 
  • Criminal Justice Chaplain
  • Senior Pastor
  • Associate Professor
  • Spiritual Life Coach
  • Prayer Partner
  • Senior Minister
  • Family & Youth Minister
  • Associate Pastor / Youth Pastor
  • Associate Minister
  • Ministering Evangelist
  • Lecturer of Preaching
  • Resident Chaplain
  • Church Facilities Assistant
  • Manager of Pastoral Care
  • Assistant Professor & Chair
  • Foster Parent Services Trainer

  • Pulpit Minister
  • Minister
  • Children’s Minister
  • Preaching Minister
  • Librarian
  • Youth Minister
  • Lead Pastor
  • Youth Pastor
  • Pastoral Counselor
  • Associate Chaplain
  • Interim Minister
  • Elder
  • Worship Minister
  • Prison Chaplain
  • Board Member
  • Summer Apprentice 
  • Education Secretary
  • Spanish Ministry
  • Founder/executive director 
  • Coordinator of Church Education
  • Missionary
  • Lecturer in Philosophy and Theology
  • Missions Ministries small cell leader
  • U.S. Army Chaplain Corp, Religious Education Director
  • Church Planter/Missionary 
  • On-call Duty Hospital Chaplain
  • Assistant Professor of Preaching and Ministry
  • Adjunct Instructor of Bible and Ministry
  • Director of Spiritual Care and Well-being
  • High School Bible & Theology Teacher
  • Director of Leadership Development
  • Assistant to Senior Pastor

Austin Grad’s alumni feel prepared for ministry and further study.

In fact 97.4% of those surveyed online rated Austin Grad/ICS as “excellent” or “good” at preparng them for paid/volunteer ministry or further study. 

Read a few alumni remarks:

  • “Ministry involves dealing with people and people are difficult and unpredictable.  I am not sure any seminary can fully prepare one for what they will face in ministry.  AGST did a good job at preparing the student for this pursuit.”
  • “My professors at Austin Grad not only provided me with a solid theological education, they demonstrated a commitment to ensuring I knew how to use my theological training in service to God’s Church. How does the Church need to hear this? What does this mean for the life of the Church? The churches where I’ve ministered have benefited greatly from the practical application and street-level education I received at Austin Grad.”
  • “I have been formed by my study at what is now Austin Grad. Through my own exegetical training, especially my study of the gospels and prophets, I have been able to teach women all over the world and to witness the creation of a dynamic equivalent for men.”

  • “I am forever indebted to the faculty and staff at AGST for the world-class Theological education I received while studying there. AGST taught me how to think and how to study and as a result, I am a life-time learner!”
  • “Austin Grad provided an amazing foundational graduate level education. I developed my study and research skills at Austin Grad and gained a deeper appreciation for theological education. Austin Grad was a great place for learning with a remarkable library.”
  • “The study and research skills I developed at Austin Grad, along with the interest in biblical languages have been most helpful in my current studies and ministerial experience.”

  • “Every class has been useful in some way. The ministry classes gave me practical knowledge to help in the day to day duties of being a minister. The text classes provided me with knowledge that has proved to be useful in preaching and teaching.”

  • “I found the professors extremely well equipped, their classes were informative, and their course requirements were extremely academically challenging.   Excellent school.  I have recommended it to many.”

When asked if they would recommend Austin Grad to others (or already have recommended the school), 98% of alumni surveyed online answered yes. 

Also, 75% of alumni surveyed online said they would personally be interested or know others who might be interested if Austin Grad offered additional programs such as an M.Div.

To watch alumni talk about their experience in class at Austin Grad on video and read their stories plus check out degree programs, seminary resources, the faculty, and more please click and read this article. 


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Austin Graduate School of Theology is an Austin seminary offering B.A. and M.A. ministry degrees, and Austin Grad is accredited by the same agency that accredits Abilene Christian University, Baylor University, Southern Methodist University, Texas A&M University, Texas State University, The University of Texas, and others.  Austin Grad — one of the top Christian colleges in Texas and among the top seminaries in Texas — is affiliated with the Church of Christ and is in conversation with all who confess Jesus as Lord. Austin Grad promotes faith seeking understanding and is committed to providing a high quality education for those who desire to be equipped to expand the Kingdom of God.

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