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“The diversity of denominations at Austin Grad has helped me to experience what Christ meant when He said, ‘Upon this rock I will build My Church….’ The professors at Austin Grad exemplify the unconditional love for their students that Christ had for those He taught. In spite of our various traditions, the professors at Austin Grad have a remarkable ability to unite us by emphasizing the truth of scripture.”Norris Eason, B.A. student


The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies (B.A.C.S.) at Austin Grad prepares you for a life of service to the Lord and for further seminary or graduate-level theological studies. In your study, you will be exposed to a broad range of subjects, including Bible, Theology, Church History, and Ministry. All of our courses are taught by highly-credentialed professors, who are also experienced ministers, holding degrees from institutions like Yale, Princeton, and Calvin Theological Seminary [click here to view the faculty].

Your coursework will provide you with disciplined study of the Bible and the Christian faith, structure for leadership, service in the church, and practical guidance in preparation for real-life ministry.


Students interested in pursuing our Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies (B.A.C.S.) have the option of completing it fully online, fully on-campus, or with a mixed course of study. This degree is a liberal arts degree especially suited for those pursuing a life of service in the church, for those planning to enter seminary or a different form of graduate theological studies, or those intending to be a witness for Christ while pursuing a secular career. Based on a foundation grounded in the classical liberal arts tradition, the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies seeks to bring the student through informed study of the Bible and historic Christian faith to mature development of a coherent world view whereby they may function well and achieve success in the contemporary world.

How long will the degree take you to complete?

If pursued full-time, the B.A. degree is designed to be completed in four years. Many of our students, however, choose to attend part-time while they pursue both their degree and career. Austin Grad offers a flexible schedule with evening and online course offerings to meet the demands of your hectic schedule.

What can you do with your degree?

Graduates of our bachelor’s degree program go on to pursue successful and faithful careers as preachers, teachers, missionaries, youth ministers, educators, non-profit leaders, entrepreneurs, and more.

Interesting Classes You Might Take
  • Jesus and the Gospels
  • Paul and His Letters
  • The Story of Israel
  • Christian Encounters with Other Cultures
  • Interpreting the Bible
  • Christian Counseling

See our section on Course of Study for a full listing of courses.

For more info on the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies, please contact our Office of Recruitment, Enrollment, and Marketing.

If you are ready to become a student at Austin Grad now, please review the section on Admission & Tuition to learn what your next steps should be or start your application today!

Student Outcomes

  1. The student will show mastery of the biblical story and familiarity with various genres of biblical literature (law, wisdom, gospel, epistle, etc.) and basic methods and principles of biblical exegesis.
  2. The student will state the fundamental doctrines of historic Christian faith as summarized in the Apostles’ and Nicene creeds and demonstrate familiarity with major persons and events in the history of Christianity.
  3. The student will articulate major elements of a coherent Christian world view and be able to communicate this effectively in a local church or para-church setting.
  4. The student will demonstrate knowledge and use of word processing skills, subscription databases, Bible software, and other electronic study resources.
  5. The student will attain the necessary foundations for lifelong learning and competent writing through acquiring broad-based knowledge and skills in the liberal arts.

Course of Study

A minimum of 120 semester hours is required for the B.A.C.S., which includes 69 hours of general education courses and 51 hours of major requirements. Students must complete all general education coursework at Austin Grad (when appropriate) or a regionally accredited institution as transfer credit. Simultaneous enrollment has been permitted and might be a possibility for you. Generally, students are expected to complete all general education coursework by the time they are within 12 hours of completing the major coursework for the bachelor’s degree.

General Education Requirements (69 semester hours)
English Language and Literature(not including Public Speaking; see below) 12 hours
Fine Arts 3 hours
Natural Science 6 hours
Mathematics 3 hours
History(6 hours Western Civilization and 6 hours U.S. History) 12 hours
Public Speaking 3 hours
Philosophy or Classics 6 hours
Social Science 3 hours
Electives 21 hours
(Austin Grad offers a number of courses that may be used as electives)


Major Requirements (51 semester hours)(P) indicates prerequisites. See course description for details.
CS 3350 Research and Writing in Theology
OT 3310 Story of Israel
NT 3320 Jesus and the Gospels
NT 3321 Paul and His Letters
NT 4313 Interpreting the Bible
3 hours Elective in Bible
GRK 3351-52 New Testament Greek (6 hours)
CH 3312 The Church’s History: To the Reformation
TH 4312 The Church’s Faith
TH 4313 Christian Ethics
NT 4335 Biblical Theology (P)
CS 4362 Church in the Contemporary World (P)
CS 4363 Christian Encounter with Other Cultures
9 hours Selected from the Ministry Division

Residency Requirements
A minimum of 36 hours of coursework must be completed in residence at Austin Grad for students in the B.A.C.S. degree program.

Credit Transfer Policy
Austin Grad accepts transfer hours from regionally accredited institutions. In addition, up to 15 semester-hours of credit from other institutions may be accepted in transfer toward the bachelor’s degree in cases where Austin Grad assesses this as equivalent to college-level work. Transfer credit applied to major coursework must be upper-division (junior or senior) level. No transfer credit under a grade of C will be accepted.

Austin Grad will accept up to 30 hours of college credit through the College Board’s College Level Examination Program (CLEP) or Advanced Placement (AP). The minimum credit-granting scores for CLEP is 50. Students desiring credit for AP courses will need to contact the Office of the Registrar for details concerning acceptable AP scores. All students who request credit through CLEP or AP must have official test scores sent directly to the Office of the Registrar by the College Board.

Additional Requirement
In order to complete your program of study, you must successfully complete the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies Final Exit Assessment in their final semester in order to qualify for graduation.

(click here for the B.A.C.S. Final Exit Assessment Study Guide)

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