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“To anyone who is considering taking or auditing classes at Austin Grad I would say, ‘There is no better time than now.’ But be ready to be changed. Be ready to enter a whole new world. Be ready to fall in love with the Savior. Be ready to bow down and worship your King. It’ll change the way you think about everything.”Jan Swinney, Austin Grad auditor
“(Auditing) gives me more knowledge and insight into meanings of scripture and an ever-growing knowledge of the journey we Christians have and are making. I guess you could say that auditing gives me a spiritual resting place – a hiding place from the cares of life, at least for a few hours each week – without the pressure of testing and having to meet deadlines.”Martha Walker, Austin Grad auditor


Austin Grad believes that all Christians are called to lives of faithful service. Therefore, along with our accredited degree programs, we also offer continuing education opportunities for those who are not seeking a degree. If you desire to grow in your knowledge of the Word, but do not want a degree, consider auditing one or more of our courses!

An auditor is a student that attends on-campus courses but is not required to do the assignments or take tests. Auditors do not receive academic credit towards a degree. Nor do they pay full tuition for their course. Students wishing to audit a graduate-level course must have an undergraduate degree or instructor approval. Online courses cannot be audited.


The cost to audit a class is considerably less expensive primarily for two reasons: 1) those desiring to audit may only do so on a space-available basis, meaning that there is no guarantee of a reserved seat in the class, and 2) no credit is awarded for class participation. If a student later decided to pursue a degree or a specialization, any course previously audited would not count towards satisfying their academic requirements.

Tuition and Fees for On-Campus Auditors
Tuition (per course) $75
Facility Use Fee (1x per semester) $25
Total Cost $100

For more information on Auditing courses, please contact our Office of Admissions.

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