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Austin Graduate School of Theology

At Austin Graduate School of Theology, you will join others who possess a passion for deep biblical literacy and study of the Christian faith, seeking to fulfill a higher purpose through their lives.

Here, you will find a seminary providing exceptional educational quality, guided by highly credentialed faculty who not only serve as leadership within their churches, but are also committed to your full development, academic success, and spiritual transformation.

Whether you pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree, Austin Graduate School of Theology (Austin Grad) will uniquely prepare you for a life of service to God, in the church, your community, and the world.

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  • Campus Closure Update

    The campus closure is extended to April 30 per the statewide stay at home executive order from Governor Abbott on March 31. The social distancing practices appear to be reducing the spread of COVID-19. Let’s continue to be vigilant in observing those.

  • COVID-19 Update

    Out of concern for the health and well-being of our community, the Austin Grad campus is now closed for all purposes until April 13. Classes resumed remotely on March 30.     (read more)

  • Upcoming Event Updates

    Friends’ Day has been canceled.

    Sermon Seminar 2020 has been canceled.

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Bachelor’s Degree Program

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies at Austin Grad prepares you for a life of service in the church, to be a spiritually-minded professional in secular careers, or for further seminary or academic pursuits.

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Master’s Degree Program

The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry at Austin Grad equips you with the essential tools for ministry in the congregational setting, spiritual leadership, and general ministry—ready for engaging and navigating today’s contemporary culture.

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Specialization Certificates

If you are in a position of leadership or teaching within a church congregation, or if you desire to develop your personal skills and knowledge to better prepare for future leadership or teaching roles, the Austin Grad’s Specialization programs offer an affordable opportunity to rapidly strengthen your abilities.

With certificates available in areas ranging from “Christian Ministry Skills” to “Advanced Promotion of New Testament Literacy,” you will find a specialization that will increase your biblical knowledge and enhance your ability to leading others in their Christian faith.

Specializations are available in both undergraduate and graduate levels, and can be earned as either a stand-alone program of study or as part of a degree program.

Learn more about how you can benefit from Austin Grad’s Specialization Certificates.

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Student Stories

Our goal is to help you fulfill your own mission. See how lives have been transformed and join those whose lives have been greatly enriched in ways they could have never anticipated. You too will be changed and benefit from the quality and rigor of our Bible-based curriculum, from actively participating in our community, and from developing high-quality and lasting relationships as you richly engage in the comprehensive educational experiences provided by Austin Graduate School of Theology.

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Attending seminary may be the best decision you could make towards living a fulfilled and meaningful life. The awesomeness of God becomes even more apparent as you gain greater insight into Scriptures and ultimately, yourself. Students remark that their only regret is not having done it sooner.  We are confident you will feel the same. Will you join us?

Call, email, stop by, or click on the Admissions & Tuition tab to discover the next steps for enrollment. We look forward to serving and walking with you as you become all God intended you to be.


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