Refunds are based on the date of official notice of withdrawal, which is the date the notice is received by the registrar’s office. The following refund schedule applies when dropping or withdrawing from a course (based on calendar days not class days):

On-Campus Courses

1st – 14th Day 100% refund (Add/Drop Period)
15th – 22nd Day 50% refund
22nd – 29th Day 25% refund
After 29th Day No refund

Online Courses

NOTE: Due to non-recoverable costs related to providing online courses, AGST is only able to give a 100% refund through noon on the Friday PRIOR to class start.

1st – 7th Day 80% refund (Add/Drop Period)
8th – 14th Day 50% refund
After 14th Day No refund

Short or Intensive Courses

1st Day 100% refund (Add/Drop Period)
2nd – 3rd Day 50% refund
After 3rd Day No refund


Schedule additions or changes after the Add/Drop Period are subject to a $25.00 administrative fee.

Tuition for Auditors, Technology Fees, and Facility Use Fees are non-refundable after the period for 100% tuition refunds.

Dates for the Add/Drop Periods and refund schedules are published on the Austin Grad Academic Calendar each year.

Austin Grad’s admission policies, tuition and fee schedules, and Add/Drop/Refund dates and policies are the same for all students, including veterans and active-duty military service members.