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Number 30      (Focus: The Lord’s Supper)
Keith Stanglin     “Christ’s Presence and the Thing Signified in the Lord’s Supper
Ted A. Campbell      “Observing the Lord’s Supper Today
R. Mark Shipp     “Royal Meals, Covenant Meals, the Messianic Banquet, and the Lord’s Supper
Allan J. McNicol     “Till He Come: The Lord’s Supper and the End Time
Jason Fikes     “From the Sacramental Season to Observance on the Lord’s Day: Learning from Barton Stone’s Communion Journey
M. Todd Hall     “Consecrated to the Lord: Two Cheers for Closed Communion
Mark E. Powell     “Proclaiming the Gospel at the Table

Number 29      (Focus: Baptism)
Jeffrey Peterson     “Aspects of Baptismal Symbolism in the New Testament”
Daniel Austin Napier      “Finding Words to Nourish: ‘Milk’ and ‘Solid Food’ in Earliest Christianity and Today”
Allan J. McNicol     “Baptism and the Moral Life”
M. Todd Hall     “Turning Point: Baptism as Rite of Passage”
Keith D. Stanglin     “Concerning Rebaptism”
Stanley G. Reid     “I Am Baptized: A Sermon”

Number 28      (Focus: The Restoration Movement)
Keith D. Stanglin    “The Restoration Movement, The Habit of Schism and a Proposal for Unity
John Mark Hicks     “Theological Orientation for Churches of Christ Resourcing Alexander Campbell’s Trinitarian Christian System
Jeffrey Peterson     “Confessions of Faith in the New Testament
R. Mark Shipp    “Toward a New Restoration Hermeneutic: On the Hermeneutical Relevance of the Old Testament
Daniel Austin Napier     “God in Action: Jesus’ Gospel of the Kingdom
Allan J. McNicol    “The Stone Campbell Movement: A Global History – Review Essay

Number 27      (Focus:  In Honor of Paul Watson)
Allan J. McNicol     “The Israel of God”
R. Mark Shipp    “The First Restoration Movement: The Chronicler’s Program of Restoration and Churches of Christ Today
Jeffrey Peterson    “Biblical ‘Restorationism’: A Response to Mark Shipp
Glenn Pemberton    “Finding a Way Past Lament: When God is Absent and Thanksgiving Impossible
J. J. M. Roberts    “Reflections on the Value of Isaiah for the Life of the Modern Church
T. Hall / M. Weed / A. McNicol    “A Written Legacy: A Bibliography of Paul L. Watson

Number 26      (Focus: Various Topics)
Michael R. Weed    “Ressentiment
Keith D. Stanglin    “Restorationism and Church History: Strange Bedfellows?
Jeffrey Peterson    “Redeeming the Time: The Christian Year and Life in the Risen Christ
Daniel Austin Napier    “A Sound Beginning: Retrieving an Ancient Model of Christian Conversion
R. Mark Shipp    “Smash Them Against the Rocks? The Christian Appropriation of Difficult Psalms
Allan J. McNicol    “A Peaceable Hope: Contesting Violent Eschatology in New Testament Narratives. A Review Essay

Number 25      (Focus: In Honor of Michael Weed)
Wendell Willis    “The Erosion of Community: A Challenge to the Church
Allan J. McNicol    “Reading Revelation Today: A Word to a Complacent Church
James Thompson    “Paul and the Mission of the Church
R. Mark Shipp    “Psalm 22: The Prayer of the Righteous Sufferer
Jeffrey Peterson    “What Should Christian Do? Revisiting John Howard Yoder’s What Would You Do?
Michael R. Weed    “My Pilgrimage
M. Todd Hall    “A Written Legacy: A Bibliography for Michael R. Weed

Number 24      (Focus: In Honor of Allan McNicol)
James W. Thompson    “Paul and Spiritual Formation
Ron Highfield    “Beyond the ‘Image of God’ Conundrum: A Relational View of Human Dignity
Everett Ferguson    “Baptism and the Moral Life
Jeffrey Peterson    “The Sacrifice of Praise
R. Mark Shipp    “Return, Restoration, and Renewal in Chronicles — and Today
Michael R. Weed    “American Fundamentalists: The Left Behind
Allan J. McNicol    “My Theological Journey: A Retrospective
M. Todd Hall    “A Written Legacy: A Bibliography for Allan J. McNicol

Number 23      (Focus: Various Topics)
Stan Reid    “Making the Handoff
Allan J. McNicol    “One Lord and One Body: Implications for the Common Faith of the Church
R. Mark Shipp    “‘Nailed to the Cross’: The Continuing Relevance of the Old Testament
Jeffrey Peterson    “The First and Second Tables of the Law in the New Testament
Alexander Campbell    “Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs
Michael R. Weed    “Pietism, Pieties, and the Contemporary Church: Promise and Peril
Thomas H. Olbricht    “A Russian ‘Christians Only’ Movement

Number 22       (Focus: Calvinism)
R. Mark Shipp    “Divine Sovereignty and Human Freedom in the Old Testament
Ben Witherington III    “The Trouble with Tulips: Romans and Reformed Theology
Multiple Contributors    “Pagan and Christian Reflections on Human Free Will
Allan J. McNicol    “Universal Salvation and the Christian Story
Martha Pounders Walker    “Beyond the Darkness
Michael R. Weed    “From Mystery to Mastery: Christo-Paganism Then and Now
Michael R. Weed    “Baptism: Mode and Meaning


Number 21     (Focus: Various Topics)
Michael R. Weed    “Tradition: A Stranger to the Modern World and Church
J. J. M. Roberts    “The Importance of the Old Testament for the Church
Everett Ferguson    “Lord’s Supper and Love Feast
Allan J. McNicol    “All Things New
Multiple Contributors   “A Christian Affirmation, 2005
Leroy Garrett / Jeffrey Peterson    “A Christian Affirmation: An Exchange of Views
Allan J. McNicol    “An Ecclesiology for the Believers’ Church: Can Restorationists Claim the Time?

Number 20      (Focus:  Spirituality)
Allan J. McNicol    “The Lord’s Prayer: The Touchstone of Christian Spirituality
R. Mark Shipp    “True Religion and Undefiled: Spirituality in Micah and James
Craig Bowman    “More than Routine Words: A Reflection on Psalm 100
Jeffrey Peterson    “Living As Sacrifices: Walking in Accordance with the Spirit in Romans 12-15
J. J. M. Roberts    “‘Seminaries,’ ‘Spirituality’, and ‘Spiritual Formation’: A Quick Fix for the Disciplined Life of Faith?
Michael Weed    “Confession and Intercession: Two Spiritual Disciplines
David Worley    “Remembering a Friend: A Tribute to Dr. Bill Stewart

Number 19      (Focus:  Contemporary Worship and Hymnody)
Michael R. Weed    “Consecrated Pragmatism: Trends in Modern Worship
R. Mark Shipp    “Congregational Song is in Trouble: What Makes a Good Hymn?
Wendell Willis    “The Changing Sound of (Worship) Music
Allan J. McNicol / Patricia B. McNicol    “Musical Preferences Do Matter: Appropriate Music in the Assembly
Philip Camp    “Singing and Worship From the Perspective of the Russian Orthodox Church

Number 18      (Focus:  The Lord’s Supper and Restoration Identity)
R. Mark Shipp    “This is the Covenant in My Blood: The Lord’s Supper, Passover, and Christian Community
Allan J. McNicol    “In Remembrance of Jesus
Michael R. Weed    “Shallows and Depths: The Rise of (Post) Modern Images of Humanity
Everett Ferguson    “Churches of Christ: Who We Are and What We Ought To Be
Paul Watson    “Identity and Vocation
Jeffrey Peterson    “Three Things That Matter

Number 17      (Focus:  Technology and the Church)
Allan J. McNicol    “The Lure of the Millennium 2000: What is at Stake for the Christian Believer?
R. Mark Shipp    “Let Us Make a Name for Ourselves: Human Innovation and Technology in Gen. 1-11
Michael R. Weed    “The Magician’s Bargain: Modern Technology and the Eclipse of God
Jeffrey Peterson    “Preaching Technique: The Ministry of the Word in a Wired World
Mel Witcher    “Waiting on the Slide: The Impact of Technology in the Contemporary Church
David Worley    “Romans 1:10-17: Jesse’s Truth

Number 16      (Focus:  The Holy Spirit)
R. Mark Shipp    “The Spirit of God in the Old Testament
Jeffrey Peterson    “Spirit of Holiness or Spirit of the Age? The Holy Spirit in the Teaching of Paul
Allan J. McNicol    “How Does God Give Guidance Beyond the Illumination of Scripture?
Michael R. Weed    “Religious Experience and Spirituality: Biblical and Post- Modern


Number 15      (Focus: Grace and Legalism)
R. Mark Shipp    “Delighting in the Law
Allan J. McNicol    “The Servant-Christ: Matthew’s Answer to Legalism
Michael R. Weed    “And They Were Silent: Reflections on Legalism
Charles Siburt    “A Response to ‘And They Were Silent’
Gary Holloway    “Not the Only Christians: Campbell on Exclusivism and Legalism

Number 14      (Focus: Various Topics)
Abraham Malherbe    “Creeds and Their Uses: The New Testament
R. Mark Shipp    “Alexander Campbell and the Relationship Between the Testaments
Allan J. McNicol    “Baptism Yesterday and Today
Gary Holloway    “Alexander Campbell on Education
Michael R. Weed    “Academic Freedom and the Christian University
Jeffrey Peterson    “Sex and the Secular Culture: A Review Essay

Number 13      (Focus: Worship)
David Worley    “Sing Where the Bible Sings
R. Mark Shipp    “Trivializing the Holy
Jeffrey Peterson    “How Shall the Seeker Say Amen?
Gary Holloway    “The Pleasures of Worship
Allan J. McNicol    “Contemporary Trends in Hymnody
Michael R. Weed    “Worship and Ethics

Number 12      (Focus: Passing on the Faith)
Michael R. Weed    “Why Johnny Can’t Pray
Douglas L. Gragg    “What Do These Stones Mean?
Allan J. McNicol    “Skills, Credentials, or Faithfulness?
Wendell Willis    “Reading the Bible Through Life
Gary Holloway    “From Scripture to Sharing


Number 11.2      (Focus: Tradition)
James W. Thompson    “What Every Christian Should Know: Tradition in the Early Church
Allan McNicol    “Scripture and Tradition: Two Essentials in the Search for the Ancient Order
Gary N. Holloway    “Both Catholic and Protestant: Alexander Campbell and Tradition
Michael R. Weed    “A Tradition at Risk

Number 11.1      (Focus: Hermeneutics)
James W. Thompson    “Hermeneutics Then and Now
Gary D. Collier    “Bringing the Word to Life: Biblical Hermeneutics in Churches of Christ
Allan J. McNicol    “The Lord’s Supper as Hermeneutical Clue: A Proposal On Theological Method for Churches of Christ
Michael R. Weed    “Cruciform Life or Cruciform Church?” (Book Review article)

Number 10      (Focus: Evangelism)
James W. Thompson    “What Happened to Evangelism?
J. Robert Reynolds    “Demystifying Missions: Exposing the Madness of Our Method
Allan J. McNicol    “Discipleship as Mission: A Missing Dimension in Contemporary Discussion on Matthew 28:18-20
Michael R. Weed    “Evangelism, Ethics, and Eschatological Existence

Number 9      (Focus: Christian Faith and Higher Education)
Douglas L. Gragg    “The Community of Believers in 1 Corinthians
Michael R. Weed    “Christian Education: Convention or Commitment?
James W. Thompson    “Community, Ethics, and the Christian Faith on Campus
Allan J. McNicol    “Dismantling the Bible Chairs in Texas: A Church-State Struggle in Historical Context

Number 8      (Focus: Preaching)
James W. Thompson    “Holding the Audience or Proclaiming the Message: The Word in Worship
Allan McNicol    “Sorting Through the Confusion About Worship: Appraisal of Two Paradigms
Michael R. Weed    “Amusing the Saints: Edification without Transcendence

Number 7      (Focus: Leadership in the Church)
Rick Marrs    “Old Testament Models of Leadership
James W. Thompson    “Authority and Leadership in the New Testament
Allan J. McNicol    “A Hierarchy or Mere Functional Leadership
Michael R. Weed    “Ethos and Authority: Then and Now

Number 6      (Focus: Integrity in the Christian Life)
Pat Graham    “The Chronicler and Ethics: the Issue of Integrity
Rick Marrs    “An Exposition: What is Good?
David Worley    “Occupations and Preoccupations in Christ
Michael R. Weed    “The Secularization of the Church: From Transcendence to Technique
James W. Thompson    “The Christian, Entertainment, and the Arts

Number 5      (Focus: Law)
Rick Marrs    “Deuteronomy and the Law
Michael R. Weed    “The Rise of Judaism: From Exodus/Sinai to Sinai/Exodus
Allan McNicol    “Jesus of Nazareth: A Liberal and a Legalist
James W. Thompson    “Paul, the Law, and Legalism


Number 4      (Focus: The Church as a Teaching Community)
Paul L. Watson    “Passing on the Tradition
James W. Thompson    “The Education of Children in the Early Church
Michael R. Weed    “Mystery, Marriage, and Morality
Allan McNicol    “The Crisis in Secular Education and Its Implications for the Church Today
Melinda Worley    “Television and the Teaching of the Church

Number 3      (Focus: Christian Morality in a Pluralistic Society)
Michael R. Weed    “The Twilight of the Gods: Pluralism, Morality, and the Church
Allan McNicol    “Sectarian Lifestyle: An Alternative Moral Vision in the First and Twentieth Centuries
Paul L. Watson    “The Old Testament as Moral Compass
James W. Thompson    “The Preacher: Moralizer or Moralist?
Tony Ash    “Divorce: A Cultural Problem

Number 2      (Focus: Authority in the Christian Life)
Tony Ash    “The Authority of the Bible in the Restoration Movement
Allan McNicol    “The Akedah: A Root Experience As Authority for the People of God
James Thompson    “Recovering the Authority of the Church: A Sermon
Paul L. Watson    “The Authority of the Old Testament for Christians
Michael R. Weed    “The Authority of Jesus, or the Jesus of Authority

Number 1      (Focus: Christian Freedom)
Allan McNicol / James Thompson    “Freedom At Corinth: A Conversation Between Paul the Apostle and Lucian, A Corinthian Christian
Michael R. Weed    “The Discipline of Freedom
Paul L. Watson    “The Discipline of Freedom: A Response
Tony Ash    “Freedom Is Slavery: The Essence of a Sermon

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