Spiritual Growth Programs

Austin Grad believes that all Christians are called to lives of faithful service. Therefore, along with our accredited degree programs, we also offer continuing education opportunities for those who are not seeking a degree. If you desire to grow in your knowledge of the Word, but do not want a degree, consider one of our spiritual growth programs!

The certificate is awarded to students who have satisfactorily completed 30 credit-hours of study. Courses may be chosen from the following academic areas:

  • Biblical Languages
  • Theology
  • Biblical Text
  • Ministry
  • Church History
  • Counseling

An auditor is a student that attends classes but is not required to do the assignments or take tests. Auditors do not receive academic credit towards a degree or a certificate. They also do not pay full tuition or fees.

Tuition Comparison

Audit Credit
Tuition (per course) $50 $1020
Facility Use Fee (1x per semester) $25 $75
Technology Fee (1x per semester) $0 $50
TOTAL COST (per person) $75 $1145