Austin Graduate School of Theology
Volume 95, Issue 1 March, 2011
From the President

With this publication Austin Grad takes a small step into the expansive world of electronic communication. In doing this, the image of David stepping forward to do battle with Goliath comes to my mind. Goliath was armed with the most technologically advanced equipment available. David was wielding a slingshot and five smooth stones.

A formidable challenge for Austin Grad is having the resources to stay abreast of, maintain, and manage, the technological tools now considered necessary in education. Compared to the technological firepower of other institutions of higher learning, our small step does feel like those taken by David.


Visionary Philanthropy

Here is a simple question: Do you have a will?

Unfortunately, more people will answer, "No," than "Yes."

The cornerstone of a good estate plan is a well-prepared will. Surprisingly, a will is usually not as difficult to prepare or as expensive as people think.

A will assures that your assets will be passed to those you love, as you desire, and not by the state through an impersonal formula of distribution.


With Grateful Appreciation

As always we want to thank our generous donors. You make the work at Austin Grad possible and your faithful support encourages the faculty, staff and students.  To see the list of donors from November 2010 through February 2011 click read more.