High School to College Program

What is your Christian calling and future career?

Prepare now.

Get a jump start on your college education at a fully accredited college, learning in a Christian environment with highly-qualified professors!

With Austin Graduate School of Theology’s High School to College program, eligible high school students can earn college credits at a greatly reduced price that can be applied toward a future degree with Austin Grad or that may be transferred to another university of their choosing.

Accreditation information can be found here: AGST Accreditation

Standard undergraduate tuition and fees are currently $1,330 for one on-campus course. However, eligible high school students can take an on-campus course for only $395 or an online course for only $695 (a more than 60% savings!).

Fall 2018 available courses


Students wishing to enroll in a college course through the “High School To College” program must:

  • Be high school students in their junior or senior years and at least 15 years or older
  • Complete this registration form, which requires the signature of a parent or guardian and then mail or email it to Austin Grad’s Registrar Dawn Bond at dbond@austingrad.edu
  • Submit a half page essay stating his/her recognition that this is a college-level course requiring independent study and his/her commitment to that study
  • Submit an example of a recent written work for evaluation
  • Provide a list of three references (including no more than one family member) that can confirm the applicant’s readiness for college work – this list should include name, title/occupation, email, phone number, and relationship to applicant
  • Purchase books and supplies through Austin Grad’s bookstore or on your own
  • Register for no more than two undergraduate courses per semester

Final grades will be mailed to the student at the address provided on the registration form assuming there are no outstanding fees on the student’s account.

*Please note that Austin Grad reserves the right to limit the number of high school registrants in any one course.