Course Descriptions – Fall 2015

OT 3310
The Story of Israel
A survey of the books of Genesis through 2 Kings. Attention is given to the
theological themes of creation, promise, covenant, and judgment introduced in
this foundational narrative of Scripture.

OT 6301
Reading the Old Testament
Exegetical introduction to the Scriptures of the Old Testament, with attention
given to their literary, historical, and theological dimensions. Emphasis on
information foundational to responsible interpretation. Must be taken prior to an
Old Testament exegetically intensive course.

OT 6304
The Prophets
Exegetical and theological investigation of one or more of the prophetic books,
with attention to possibilities for preaching and teaching in the church

OT 3310
The Story of Israel
A survey of the books of Genesis through 2 Kings. Attention is given to the
theological themes of creation, promise, covenant, and judgment introduced in
this foundational narrative of Scripture

GRK 3351
Elementary New Testament Greek 1
Introduction of basic elements of Greek grammar and reading of 1 John in Greek

CH 3312
The Church’s History: To the Reformation
An overview of the history of Christianity from its beginnings to the present,
highlighting major developments

CH 6304
Special Topics in Church History
Treatment of an issue or issues of importance in the history of Christianity

NT 4350
Elective in New Testament
Focused treatment of a text or topic in New Testament studies. Course may be
repeated for credit when the subject varies

NT 3320
Jesus and the Gospels
A survey of the ministry of Jesus Christ as presented in the four Gospels.
Emphasis will be given to the historical context of Jesus’ ministry in ancient
Judaism, the literary character of each of the canonical witnesses, and the
theological significance of their testimony

NT 4335
Biblical Theology
An examination of major themes uniting the Old and New Testaments as one canon of Scripture. Prerequisites for undergraduate students: OT 3310, NT 3320, and NT 3321

NT 5350
Jesus and the Philosophers
The early Christians (from the late 1st through the 3rd century), when asked what they were by their Greco-Roman contemporaries, identified themselves as a philosophy – the philosophy of Jesus. Of course, Jesus of Nazareth was certainly more than a philosopher. The central argument of this course, however, is twofold – one historical and one concerning our lives today.

CS 3350
Research and Writing in Theology
The course provides an introduction to the knowledge, tools, and skills required
for a disciplined study of theology and preparation for ministry. This will include
developing reading comprehension and writing skills through assignments and
exercises throughout the semester. Students will acquire research skills necessary
for theological study. Additionally, students will become familiar with resources
(print and other media) for theological research

CS 4363
Christian Encounter with Other Cultures
An historical and theological study of the encounter between Christianity and
other world religions. Christian encounters with Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism,
Islam, and atheistic secularism will be assessed, with particular attention to recent
developments in the global south and to the inception and development of Islam
and its conflicted relationship with Christianity

MIN 3310
Marriage and Family
An investigation of the biblical perspectives on marriage and family. Judeo-
Christian thinking on sex and marriage in the context of the ancient world and
the significance of the biblical witness in relation to contemporary concerns

MIN 4350
Elective in Ministry
Focused treatment of a topic relevant to Christian ministry. Course may be
repeated for credit when the subject varies

MIN 6302
The Ministry of Preaching
The work of the preacher in the life of the church introduced through lectures,
discussions, and laboratory practice. Prerequisites: NT 4313, Old Testament or
New Testament exegetically intensive course (or concurrent)

MIN 6301
Introduction to Christian Ministry
A comprehensive overview of the work of the Christian minister, including
biblical and theological foundations of ministry, aspects of ministerial practice,
and disciplines appropriate to the vocation of Christian service

MIN 4306
Teaching and Preaching
This course provides instruction in the preparation and delivery of lessons based
on the Bible with Bible classes and sermons in the local congregation as well as
the study of the theology of preaching. Students will be expected to present several
lessons and sermons before their peers in class lab situations

TH 4313
Christian Ethics
An introductory course in Christian ethics. Relevant biblical and historical resources are examined and fundamental themes identified and traced through the Christian moral tradition. The Christian witness on selected issues such as war, racism, and abortion is considered

TH 6301
Introduction to Theology
Orientation to the task of doctrinal theology in the life of the Christian Church.
Attention given to major issues associated with the doctrine of God, Christ, sin,
and the church. Prerequisite: CH 3312

TH 4312
The Church’s Faith
An introduction to the basic theological task. This will involve a survey of basic
Christian concepts and selected Christian doctrines as set forth by theological treatises

HEB 6310
Introduction to Biblical Hebrew 1
Introduction to the basic elements of Hebrew grammar. Introduction to the Hebrew
Bible with readings and translation of selected passages.