The Gospel According to the Stump

Isaiah is called to prophesy to Judah concerning their sin and God’s impending judgment. However, whenever judgment is preached, grace must also be a part of the message, and it's in this text where Isaiah  reminds the nation that God will reinforce and re-establish his promise of a Davidic dynasty in the person of the coming Messiah. The Gospel or the “good news” concerning the coming Messiah would come through a stump. Read on to watch the video remarks and dig deeper. … [Read more...]

How to Minister to Women with an Unplanned Pregnancy

When counseling women with an unwanted pregnancy, we as churches and as Christian ministry leaders generally stand strong in advising them not to abort, but when asked, “How do you specifically help unwed mothers who follow your advice to choose life?” we tend to struggle for a response. Many pro life advocates grow silent when asked about concrete action. It is much easier to oppose abortion with our words and hand-held signs than to support life with action and time. So how can we, the Body of Christ, help minister to pregnant women with an unplanned pregnancy? … [Read more...]

The Must-Read Documents in Church History

Who are the most important figures in the last seven centuries of church history? What are their most significant writings? Which documents are most representative of this time period? How should seminary students be introduced to the church history timeline, with its dizzying array of movements and opinions? … [Read more...]

Watch Austin Grad Alumni Presentations from Friends’ Day Saturday

On Saturday, April 18, Austin Graduate School of Theology welcomed supporters and partners to the biannual Friends' Day. The program included a time of worship, presentations from three alumni with degrees in ministry (videos included here), brunch, a Q&A session during the alumni panel, and a closing benediction. Read on to hear from alumni through video remarks. {{cta('89c2bf23-fc56-4778-8cc6-06fcf4642d0a')}} … [Read more...]

New Christian Blog Coming

Subscribe to be the first to hear when we launch the Christian Studies blog We're working hard to add to the Christian blogs on the internet by releasing one for Austin Graduate School of Theology that will be called Christian Studies. It will provide practical scholarship for the Church with engaging and helpful articles for all Christians.  We're in the early planning stages currently, so subscribe now to be the first to hear when it launches. You can do so now. {{cta('2168728c-5718-4294-9c4e-26684978001c')}} … [Read more...]

Chapel Post Blueprint: What Godly Wisdom Looks Like

<<Summary paragraph of speech provided by the Chapel speaker>>The gift-giving God provides peace and a true wisdom to his followers. Those  we must trust the Father of Lights to provide us with every understanding and to truly transform our lives. … [Read more...]

[Blogging Blueprint]


INTRODUCTION: The list post is one of the most popular and readable blog formats on the web. It is composed of -- you guessed it -- a list, and includes short explanatory paragraphs about each item. Use your introduction as a way to tell the reader how this collection of ideas will help them. Keep it light by including a personal story. If you have any data that you can include relating to your list, include that in your introduction, too. Here are some good examples of how to use list blog posts: The 7 Worst Types of Headlines (And How to Fix Them) 5 Major Challenges Marketers Face (And How to Solve Them) The Top 10 Qualities of … [Read more...]