Is Theology a Science?

A friend of mine in Russia asked me whether theology can be considered a science.  And I suspect that, lurking behind this question, is the question whether theology should have a place as a discipline or field of study at a modern university.  This video is a brief response to the question and related concerns. … [Read more...]

The Thessalonian Church: A Cause for Rejoicing

Paul tells the Thessalonians to "always rejoice" (I Thess. 5:16).  How could they always rejoice?  How can we?  … [Read more...]

Physics, Religion, the Media, and the Face of Modern Idolatry

I have always had a fascination with astronomy, particularly with new discoveries in astrophysics. I watch all the astronomy programs shown on the Science Channel and read the popular Astronomy magazine. Generally speaking, the TV programs deal with recent astronomical discoveries and the interpretation of observed phenomena. I find these programs stimulating. … [Read more...]