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From the early days of the Restoration Movement, Churches of Christ and Christian Churches distinguished themselves from their near neighbors on the American frontier with a noticeably robust ecclesiology, reflected in, among other things, the theology and practice of baptism.  Alexander Campbell and Walter Scott’s “high” view of baptism stood out in the context of the Second Great Awakening, wherein salvation often came to be connected to a subjective experience of the Holy Spirit that was externally manifest in ways other than baptism.  For evangelists like Charles Finney, someone could respond by approaching the “anxious … [Read more...]

Technology, Media, and Preaching: A Review of Why Johnny Can’t Preach

Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel Brave New World portrays a populace subjugated not through force, but instead through sensuous, mindless pleasure and entertainment. Unlike Orwell’s vision in 1984 of book-banning committees and the like, Huxley portrays a society overrun by trivial “information” which crowds out any would-be subversive material—including the humanities, and of course the Bible. Ultimately, unrest in the population is controlled through a highly structured delivery of entertainment and a drug called “soma,” which creates a mood of complete indifference. Writing in 1985, Neil Postman quoted Robert MacNeil’s observation that … [Read more...]

A New Book on the Lord’s Prayer

 A former Roman Catholic, who was a member of the Church of Christ where I once served as a minister, expressed to me his appreciation for our church’s respect for Scripture and for the simplicity of the worship assembly.  But I remember one Sunday, while speaking with him in the building’s foyer, he asked me about something that truly puzzled him.  He wanted to know why we didn’t say the Lord’s Prayer.  After all, it’s a biblical prayer, one that Jesus taught his disciples to pray.  So why haven’t Churches of Christ traditionally recited the Lord’s Prayer?   … [Read more...]