Roger McCown

Roger McCown
Roger currently is the Minister of Missions, Member Care, and Administrative Assistance for Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ. He and MaryBeth came to Brentwood Oaks in 1967. Missionary and preacher, son of a missionary and preacher, Roger was born in West Texas, lived in Turkey and was educated at Harding University and Harding Graduate School of Religion. Brentwood Oaks sent the McCowns to work in cross-cultural evangelism in Guatemala from 1970-1982. Roger served as the Minister of the Word for Brentwood Oaks from 1983 to 2012. Beginning in June, 2012, in his current role as Senior Minister for the church, Roger's responsibilities include member care, missions and administrative assistance to all of the congregation ministries. The McCowns have two sons and four grandchildren. Roger enjoys good conversation, reading, fly fishing and hunting, probably in that order.

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  For reasons that I hope will be clear shortly, I have titled my words as “What are we to do with the Baptist?”  John the Baptist, that is. Having been at it for a while, I can say that preaching in the church is both the easiest and most difficult thing I’ve done.   … [Read more...]

1 Thessalonians 2: Imitating Paul

It is perhaps a rare minister who has not had a few sleepless nights pondering the effectiveness of his daily work.  On the one hand, few of us are strangers to the desire for a bit of affirmation for what we do. On the other, one only has to be ministering in a congregation that frequently “has the preacher for lunch” (and I mean “for” lunch and not invited “to” lunch) to become wary of too much feedback. … [Read more...]