Matt Porter

Matt Porter
Matt is an alumnus of Austin Graduate School of Theology (BA, MA). In his spare time, he enjoys playing trombone for the Waco Jazz Orchestra and jazz quintet, Slide Tradition, and composing for the Timeless Psalter Project. Matt and his family are members of DaySpring Baptist Church in Waco, Texas.

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Blessed with Nothing: The Rich Young Man in Matthew 19:16-30

  The story of the rich young man in Matthew 19 has often been appropriated for the church in a moralistic way. It generally goes something like this: We each have our own thing—something that has become, perhaps, an idol. The thing for this rich young man that blocked him from eternal life was his material wealth. This got in the way of truly loving his neighbor. What is that thing for you, which you need to give up? Mine is coffee and Oreos (not at the same time). There, I said it. That’s not a terrible application. It is certainly something worth reflecting upon. But I think there is more to this story than … [Read more...]

A Minister’s Sin: Treading the Path toward Redemption

  In the life of the church we become well-acquainted with sin (How is that for an encouraging way to start this post?). This is especially true for church leaders and ministers. For the sinner, we encourage confession and repentance, and for the church, a path toward redemption and reconciliation by way of forgiveness – all of which we see enacted through the practice of baptism. Oftentimes, for the “outsider sinner,” the non-Christian who comes to begin this journey, the church is quick to joyfully accept their confession and welcome them into the body (Daniel Napier and Todd Hall both note the “rush to the water” in their … [Read more...]

They Came ‘from Jerusalem’

Places can come to represent certain behaviors, lifestyles, and so on. They can, in a sense, take on their own persona. If we were to name just a few places (i.e. Washington D.C.; New York City; Hollywood; Austin), we could identify pretty quickly the character of these places in just a word or two. … [Read more...]