Jared Brock

Jared Brock is a graduate student at Austin Graduate School of Theology and serves as the youth minister at Marble Falls Church of Christ.

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God is Redeeming Us as He Did Israel

  God’s people will be restored and will again worship the Lord. The first five verses of Isaiah 44 stand in contrast to the last six verses of Isaiah 43. In 43:22-28 Israel is put on trial and is condemned for their sin and lack of worship. They have not been able to offer sacrifices in captivity (43:23), nor have they tithed (43:24). However, they have gone on sinning even though that is why they originally ended up in captivity. In spite of this, God will forgive and redeem them. He will blot out their transgression for His own sake and will not remember their sins. (43:25) … [Read more...]

Pride: I did this (not God)

The king of Assyria does what I want to do at times: he wants to claim credit for his accomplishments and successes.  Look at what I have done. Aren't I amazing? Am I not a good 'ole boy? "I will punish the king of Assyria for the willful pride of his heart and the haughty look in his eyes..." it says in Isaiah 10. God opposes the proud and therefore pride is extremely dangerous. … [Read more...]