Greg Neill

Greg Neill
Greg Neill is the preaching minister at the Marble Falls Church of Christ and a 2012 graduate of Austin Graduate School of Theology.

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Bearing Witness Through Biblical Preaching

In The Witness of Preaching, Thomas Long describes biblical preaching in the following way, “Biblical preaching happens when a preacher prayerfully goes to listen to the Bible on behalf of the people and then speaks on Christ’s behalf what the preacher hears there.”   The goal of The Ministry of Preaching Course (MIN 6302) at Austin Grad is to equip students with the homiletical skills needed to bear faithful witness to Christ’s gospel through the event of preaching.  Utilizing the works of Thomas Long, Fred Craddock, and Barbara Brown Taylor students will develop their own theology of preaching. Throughout the semester, we will … [Read more...]

How To Become A Person With Soul In The Game

In his provocative book, Antifragile, Things That Gain From Disorder, Nassim Taleb describes three types of people in society (p. 376-377).  There are those who are described as having “no skin in the game.” According to Taleb, these are those who seek to benefit from others, regardless of the harm that might be caused.  A second type of person is described as having “skin in the game.”  Those with skin in the game assume their own risks and neither benefit from nor harm others.  A third type of person in society is described as having “soul in the game.”  These people are willing to take risks on behalf of … [Read more...]

Isaiah 49: Thinking Big about Your Important Mission

A man, driving a very expensive sports car, found himself lost in an impoverished area of a major city.  As the man sat in his parked car attempting to gain a sense of direction, he was approached by a young boy.  The boy said, “Mister that is a really nice car.  Are you lost?” The man replied, “My brother gave me this car as a gift and yes I am lost”. Then the man made the boy the following offer, “If you will help me find the street I am looking for, I will give you a ride in my car.”  … [Read more...]

Sound Theology on Death from Thessalonians

Linus van Pelt is the resident theologian of the Peanuts cartoon series.  In one cartoon, Linus and his sister Lucy are staring out the window watching a downpour.  Lucy expressed concern about a potential worldwide flood.  Linus assured her that God had promised never to flood the world again.  Lucy then said, “You have taken a great load off my mind.” Linus replied, “Sound theology has a way of doing that.” … [Read more...]

Ruth 4 – Connecting Others To The Redeemer

Though the Book of Ruth bears the title of its principal character, the story of Ruth is really the story of Naomi.  Naomi’s hardships during her sojourn in Moab left her in a precarious situation as she prepared to return to Judah.  Eventually, Naomi would use her understanding of the culture and the family dynamic of Elimelech’s clan to guide Ruth through the process of being redeemed by a near-kinsman.  Before the possibility of this redemption comes to light for the readers of the Book of Ruth, the pain and sorrow of Naomi are made known through her self-description in 1:19-21.  Naomi saw herself as being empty and … [Read more...]

The 5 Roles of Ministry

The gospel of Mark is fast paced and full of action.  The first 12 verses of chapter two contain a miracle narrative.  This narrative also contains Mark’s first controversy between Jesus and the religious leaders of his day.  While one could speak to the nature of the miracle or to the nature of the controversy, I see this story as one that speaks to the nature of ministry. … [Read more...]