Casey Tamez

Casey Tamez
Casey Tamez is the former Recruitment Communications Coordinator at Austin Graduate School of Theology and was elected to serve as student body president for the 2015-2016 school year. She is currently working on her Master of Arts degree in Theological Studies at Austin Grad and has previously worked as an academic advisor for San Antonio College in San Antonio, Texas, activities coordinator for the SAC Christian Student Center, and middle school English teacher for Redland Christian Academy in Homestead, Florida. She is an alumnus of Abilene Christian University (BA) and the Adventures in Missions program and is very interested in Spiritual Formation.

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Help Austin Grad Students Get to Israel

This year is a big year for the student association at Austin Graduate School of Theology.  Our primary goal is to provide events to help encourage community on campus and also contextualize our studies.   We are in the midst of inviting speakers to cover special topics the church faces and simultaneously planning a trip to Israel.  The Israel trip will be a study tour and certainly the biggest activity of the year!  It is our belief that our faith and understanding of scripture will deepen by exposure to biblical cities and sites of historical significance.  Austin Grad’s Old Testament scholar and professor, Dr. … [Read more...]

Women in Church: A Pioneer for Women in Church Leadership

This past week I met a lady who sparked something inside of me.  Please welcome Karen Alexander as the newest recipient of the Living Stones Award.  As a woman caught somewhere in the middle of a multitude of opinions about what women’s roles in the church today should look like, I am painfully aware of the complexities surrounding the issue.  Much of the time I am dissatisfied with the traditional view many Christians hold.  Why must the church be one of the few areas in Christian life in which a woman should be silent?  At the same time, I can’t say I’m confident a woman should lead a flock.  Something about it … [Read more...]

Influencing Culture: The Relevant Preacher

Most of us have a favorite preacher we love to listen to.  If we’re lucky, that preacher is the guy standing at the pulpit every Sunday morning.  He’s the guy at our lunch table on occasion, the one we meet at church for Saturday morning service projects, and whose blog we’re avid readers of because his thoughts are too insightful to be passed over for Facebook.  While honoring the generations of his parents and grandparents, he’s also culturally relevant—and the guy you go to for a book about society’s latest issue. If that isn’t enough, he’s also the guy we turn to for consolation when a loved one passes.  He’s there to … [Read more...]

Prisoner of the Lord

Though it is 2,000 years from the time the letter to the Ephesians was written, its message rings just as powerfully today as it did then.  It is a letter from a prisoner of Christ to his brethren to lead lives worthy of their calling.  It entreats the church to unity and love, at the cost of obedience and self-denial.  Alive and active, it is a message made visible by a man named Russell Briley, a modern day prisoner of the Lord. … [Read more...]

An Aroma of Christ

In 2 Corinthians 2:14-15, Paul describes Christians as “the aroma of Christ to God” spreading a fragrance of knowing God among people being saved and also perishing. In our world of potent smells, both pleasant and polluted, a man who embodies this scripture goes by the name of Kurt Boyland. … [Read more...]

Watch (and read) the 2015-2016 seminary student officer greeting

Casey Tamez was recently hired to assist in the communications & recruitment department at Austin Graduate School of Theology. A graduate student in the M.A. in Theological Studies program, she was elected by the student body to serve as Student Body President for the 2015-2016 school year. This video and written interview showcases her thoughts about the new school year. What value does Austin Grad bring to the Kingdom of God?Austin Grad is truly a wellspring of knowledge, motivation, and growth. Our President Stan Reid explains that seminary is a seedbed, a nursery. As my fellow classmates and I have begun to learn about things like … [Read more...]

A Light That Can’t Be Hidden

As Christians, one of our primary goals is to be a light in the world and to live in such a way that those around us desire to find the source of our light: Christ.  One light that can’t be hidden goes by the name of Bunnie Stark, Austin Grad’s most recent recipient of the Living Stones Award.   Bunnie’s attraction to light began when she was a child.  Growing up in East Austin, she was the only girl among four boys in her family.  Apart from school and home, she spent much of her time among the members of Grant AME Church Worship Center. … [Read more...]