President’s Office

President’s Office


Austin Grad is a theological seminary. We are not merely a school of religion that seeks to do academic work apart from our faith. In the English language, the earliest usage of the word “seminary” signified a seedbed or nursery. In time, the term came to designate a school for training church leaders. Our aim is to nurture the faith and lives of those who would serve as leaders and ministers in the church. I agree with Thomas Gillespie’s affirmation that a theological education should enable “believers to think the faith in order to more fully live the faith.”

I accepted the call to serve as president of Austin Grad after twenty-five years of church ministry. As a minister, I came to appreciate the importance of an educated and prepared ministry. Austin Grad’s mission to educate individuals and edify churches so that they can know, understand, and practice the Christian faith addresses that need.

To accomplish our mission, we prepare our students in biblical studies, theology, church history, and practical ministries. Our aim is not only assisting students in knowing and understanding the faith, but also helping them live and pass on the faith. We introduce them to resources and skills that equip them to nurture faith and life in the various ministries of their churches. We also prepare them to address issues facing churches in the post-modern world.

Our faculty and staff are committed to helping equip you for Christian service. All are actively living out their faith in local churches. The quality of education offered here is such that many of our graduates have earned advanced degrees. More importantly, our graduates are faithfully serving God in churches across the United States and around the world.

Thank you for your interest in Austin Grad. We welcome you to join us in the quest of faith seeking understanding.

Grace and peace,

Stan Reid