About M. Todd Hall


Todd Hall is the director of the David Worley Library and an instructor at Austin Graduate School of Theology.

Todd entered full time ministry in the Spring of 1995 at the Mainland Church of Christ in Texas City, Texas. In 1996, he moved to Irving, Texas to pursue a certificate in Biblical Studies from the Center for Christian Education, still fully intending to stay in full time ministry. In the Fall of 1997, however, Todd developed a passion for academic study which has remained with him throughout his working life, and it then became clear to him that he should carry out his vocation in seminary work.

Following his study at the Center for Christian Education Todd completed his B.A. in Christian Studies from Austin Graduate School of Theology (Austin Grad),then called the Institute for Christian Studies in 1999. He then continued on for a M.A. in Theological Studies from Austin Grad in 2001. In 2008, Todd completed a M.S. in Library Science from the University of North Texas and began directing the Austin Grad library. He completed coursework toward a Ph.D. in education from Texas State University in Spring 2014, and he is currently working on his dissertation.

In 1998, Todd married Jennifer Lynn Oldaker, and both began attending Austin Grad. Almost two years later their daughter, Madison was born. Eight weeks to the day after Madison’s birth, Jennifer succumbed to an infection and went to be with her Lord in June of 2000. The professors and staff at Austin Grad were important parts of the journey through grief. It was a natural fit for him to join them in his Christian vocation.

Todd regularly teaches the Research and Writing in Theology course at Austin Grad, and occasionally teaches courses in Bible. His research interests in theology include spiritual formation, Christian pedagogy, and the history of seminaries. Todd’s dissertation, Oro, Ergo Sum: The Pedagogy of Spiritual Formation and Transformation among Protestant Seminarians in the United States: Toward a Post-Cartesian Framework, is an historical analysis of spiritual formation in Protestant seminaries and an empirical study of the experience of spiritual formation in seminary (and beyond) by several seminary graduates.

Todd and Madison live in San Marcos, Texas and attend the Holland Street Church of Christ, where Todd serves as a deacon. As of right now, Todd does not have any hobbies—as anyone in a Ph.D. program can understand. He has, however, become an avid volleyball fan and thoroughly enjoys reliving high school vicariously through Madison. She is his inspiration in life and provides him an excellent example of living the Christian faith.