About Daniel Napier


My name is Daniel Napier and I have a passion for personal growth and transformation. This passion pervades my life and takes on many forms.

Nothing excites me like seeing someone grow spiritually. From the early days of my ministry I have been drawn both to evangelism and the mentoring of young Christians. There is something beautiful about seeing a perplexed and disoriented person gradually internalize the confident, abundant life Jesus offers.  There is wonder in faith. I can’t get it out of my system. And I don’t want to.

A similar passion pervades my intellectual life. The life of the mind is a close cousin to the life of the spirit. What makes sense to us intellectually effects our deepest convictions. Our “head knowledge” eventually sinks into what we just “know in our bones.” My intellectual passion is to understand how God transforms our minds en route to changing our lives entire. Philosophy and theology are tools for spiritual renewal. They are ways of approaching the heart.

Though some find it comical or even contradictory, physical transformation too excites me. Perhaps at some level it is just a quirk of how I was made. I enjoy picking up heavy things and pushing them over my head. Go ahead. Laugh. It’s O.K. But God made me strong, and I feel his pleasure when I exert myself against a formidable load. God has found a way to use even this to his glory. My ‘dungeon ministry’, wherein I welcome people into my garage gym in order to lift weights and engage in mentoring conversations, has been used to lead people from indifference to faith. So perhaps my quirks aren’t accidental. I doubt yours are either. If you open them to God, he’ll work through them too.

Published Books (Link to publisher for more information)

En Route to the Confessions: The Roots and Development of Augustine’s Philosophical Anthropology